This episode of The Theology Nerd podcast is the Why Go Barthian? Webinar with Travis McMaken. This is another installment of our ongoing Why Go? series.

In this episode you will get 5 reasons why you should go Barthian, plus:

  • What does it mean to be Barthian? Barth didn’t want people to be Barthians, he wanted people to be theologians who spoke critically and carefully about Jesus.
  • The three phases of Barth’s career
  • Being a Barthian does not mean being neo-Orthodox.
  • Barth was not a lone ranger, but was part of a broader dialectical theology movement. It’s important to ask who these other people are, what their shared assumptions were, what were the things they rejected together, and how do each of them remain uniquely faithful to the movement as a whole.
  • And what exactly is dialectical theology anyway?

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