This is a special bonus episode from the Questions for the Believing Skeptic course.

We are in a period where the confidence of rationalistic accounts of religion don’t work anymore. There has been an explosion of religion expression that doesn’t fit neatly into any box. As good philosophers and theologian, this new situation requires trying to come up with words and thoughts to make sense of it.

Most people who have at least one foot in the door of a religious tradition haven’t escaped being and shaped by this cultural phenomenon. We don’t have the possibility of existing in a world that is enchanted or shaped by one religious narrative anymore. Even those who are ready to rock and roll for their religious team or tribe do so today in a way that is significantly different than before. We are now, more than ever, both a believer and a skeptic.

How do we navigate this new landscape? To help guide us through this new situation the believer and the skeptic must ask the following questions:

  • what time is it?
  • is there help for my unbelief?
  • what is the new normal?
  • who do you say that I am?

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