Oliver Crisp is on talking about his new book, The Word Enfleshed, which tackles Christology and the atonement at the same time.

You might be saying to yourself, “Tripp, why is a reformed theologian (who also does analytical theology) on the podcast?” It’s because we are open and affirming here at Homebrewed!

In fact, Tripp is so open that he found himself agreeing, maybe a little too much, with Oliver. Any time a theologian starts talking about the atonement and says we might be a little too hung up on the cross, and maybe we should start talking about the incarnation, good things happen.

Plus, hear about why Oliver wanted to become a theologian, the gateway text for his love of theology (spoiler alert: it’s Here I Stand), how he became a Calvinist and how to talk about being a Calvinist to people who would otherwise resist, and the inspiration for writing his book.

When considering issues of Christology and atonement, we often want to know:

  • what is it to be united to Christ?
  • what is this notion of Christ reconciling us to God’s self?
  • how did that come about?
  • what kind of models or structures can we put in place to help us try to reflect on that?

His book is an attempt to answer and build a new layer to these questions.

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