Today we are speaking with the one and only, Miroslav Volf.

Miroslav is one of the coolest theologians around. He is author of Exclusion and Embrace, a trilogy of books reflecting on politics, religion, and culture: A Public Faith, Flourishing, and Public Faith in Action

note: This was recorded near the end of Trump’s first week as President, before the executive order was public. In the interview, we discuss:

  • the situation today for the church globally and politically
  • cultural deafness
  • the religious and secular forms of nihilism today
  • relationship of Christian identity and American identity

Plus, Miroslav gives us insight into our current predicament and all the questions and anxieties being raised as a result, advice for people who have this intense outrage at injustice but are finding it challenging to even seek reconciliation or understanding with other members of the body of Christ, and the temptations the church faces today.

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