What do other religions say about heaven? How about hell? Do the similarities across so many cultures and faiths point to a universal cosmic truth, or does it reveal more about our basic human nature?

After a few pints of heaven at the Homebrewed Theology Beer Camp, I sat down with James Younger, executive producer of the “Story of God” series, hosted by Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic Channel. He showed us an advance screening of their episode on Heaven and Hell, followed by an opportunity to sit down with him face-to-face to pick his brain.

After that, I went across the hall (literally) and grabbed some couch with Barry Taylor, noted eccentric, seasoned theological and cohost of the Story of Godcast, a companion podcast released after each new TV episode. In it, he and Tripp process the show and make broader and deeper connections by digging into their collective nerd-dom over a couple of mics.

And finally, after a muchly (yeah, I said that) mourned absence, Amy returns to hit a few “high” points of the first handful of days in the Trump presidency. Take your dramamine if you’re prone to motion sickness, kids. It’s likely to be a bumpy ride.

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