Theology Beer Camp was an amazing three days of fermented fun. I was extremely grateful that James Younger, executive producer of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic Channel, was able to join us for a special screening and a live Homebrewed Podcast.

You will here James discusses his journey from British scientist, to journalist, to producing a popular religion series with Morgan Freeman. Along the way he shares his thoughts as an outsider on American religion, politics, and the shifting shape of spirituality. Plus he lets us know just how his mind has changed over the course of the series.
As part of beer camp we not only had delicious SoCal beer throughout, but Chapman Crafted brought two special beers in honor of the one and only Morgan Freeman. There was the IPA called “The Voice of God” and the dIPA called “The Rumble of God” in honor of Morgan’s most luscious pipes.

While James was hanging with us he recorded a number of other interviews that will be showing up on the inter webs. You can go ahead and check out his conversation with Nathan Gilmour of the Christian Humanist podcast HERE and his time on the Newsworthy with (Luke) Norsworthy podcast HERE.

If you aren’t hip to the news make sure you are subscribed to Barry and I’s companion podcast to the show – The Story of God-cast