In the first episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman this season things take a different trajectory… Morgan goes on a search for ‘The Chosen One.’ Almost every faith has a figure believed to be chosen by God and some of them are alive today. The episode centers around Morgan’s interaction with a number of different ‘chosen ones’ and the different shapes they take across the globe and religions.

Barry and I catch up in order to discuss the episode and a number of insights inspired by the show. If you haven’t watched the episode get on it!

Episode includes…

  • Jalue Tsegyal – reincarnated Tibetan lama in MN
  • Former North Korean missionary Kenneth Bae – held prisoner for 2 years for leading Christian prayer group
  • Historian of Islam, Sajjad Rizvi
  • Kamya Arora
  • Mandeep Kaur Samra, a Sikh historian
  • Sociologist Dr. Andreas Schneider 
  • Karudee Chotithamaporn is a representative from the Bang Liao Dou Mu Gong Shrine – a center for Taoist worship
  • Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the chosen one of the Nakota, Lakota, and Dakota tribes – His latest battle is in South Dakota, protesting an oil pipeline being built under the Missouri river.