Prepare yourself, because we are about to get all Cappadocian up in the podcast.

Brian MatzFontbonne University’s Endowed Chair in Catholic Thought, is talking about his book Gregory of Nazianzus Why look at an old church father like Gregory? Brian gives several great reasons why more Evangelical communities are embracing the church’s historical and liturgical traditions:

  • the realization of doctrinal committments evangelical churches already have
  • it gives a deeper understanding and appreciation for our Christian family tree
  • and gives new ways in which Christianity can be expressed in our culture by getting outside of our culture

Brian then dives deep into the life of Gregory of Nazianzus, the reluctant pastor who wanted to do great things but hated the limelight, the Nicene Creed and it’s legacy in Gregory’s life, how he refines monotheism through his discussion of the Trinity, theology as a reflection on our baptismal practices and our belief in salvation, what it means to participate in the divine life of God, how he used the language and ideas of the culture around him to explain and translate his deep personal relationship of Father, Son, and Spirit to others – and how we can do the same.

Not to mention his amazing Easter sermon and his commitment to social justice for the poor and the oppressed.