If you are a Lutheran, love Luther, or are on the fence about Luther, Robert Kolb is here to help.

Robert is on and talking with me about his newest book, Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of GodRobert is professor emeritus at Concordia Seminary and is also the author of Luther and the Stories of God

Hear what made Robert first fall in love with Luther, how we can read Luther in his context and our own, how the distinction between law and gospel strikes at the heart of the human existential experience, and Luther’s theological love affair with passages in scripture that shaped his thinking.

In this interview, I ask Robert:

  • Does Luther’s message concerning the anxiety of being a sinner having any relevance for us today?
  • How can we reclaim an un-Enlightenmentized our understanding of the Gospel 500 years later?
  • What can Luther teach us about the function and nature of preaching today?

Plus, don’t miss Robert’s suggestions for those theology nerds who will be joining the Homebrewed Spiritual Pilgrimage in Germany this year!

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