bigstock_Audio_book_14340599-e1330386218724I love learning with my earbuds in. On top of all my favorite podcasts I am a bit of an audio book addict. Between doing dishes, sitting in traffic and rocking half-asleep babies with ear infection into the early morning, I can get some serious audio book time in. Here’s the list of all the audio books I remember listening to (and finishing) over the past year.

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Theology and Religion Audiobooks

Online Courses

If you are new to audio books check out the free one month trial from audible and score two free audible audio books. Personally I have been a gold member since 2010 and love it. On top of getting any audio book or Teaching Company Class each month you get the daily audio version of the New York Times. For the audio addict like myself this is deal not to pass on.

For 10 Theology Books available on Audible check out my list from last year.