This past year I spent some time reading plenty of books outside of the giant list of dead Germans you have to read for your PhD qualifying exams and here are 5 completely non-theological texts that changed my life.

The War of Art is the best book I have ever read on the passion and mindset needed for content creators. If you are a creator then get it. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it.

Tool of Titans is the readable greatest hits from the Tim Ferriss podcast and worth having around. It is giant, but easy to skip around, and packed full of amazing advice, life hacks, and wisdom for a healthier, more productive, and rich life. It also has a cheat sheet for the Slow-Carb diet which I have faithfully followed since February and lost over 40 pounds.

F**k Ivy came by way of Barry Taylor, my fashion guru, who introduced me to NC born fashion designer Mark McNairy. The book is a hilarious and irreverent take on his style. It was so basic even a man who basically wore free graphic t-shirts and jeans every day could read it and follow the instructions!

How We’ll Live on Mars is a short fun read that sat on my porcelain prayer bench for a month and made the carful contemplation of what is passing away more enjoyable. I love space and the imagination of those thinking about moving there. I met the author Stephen Petranek at a National Geographic party for their show Mars and he was as enjoyable to chat with as the book.

I am a huge Kevin Kelly fan and his new book The Inevitable is everything you expect from this guru of the internet. Not reading this book is a poor decision. Plus I already interviewed Kevin Kelly HERE.