Life is arbitrary but God is not.

The doctrine of Providence is one of the most important doctrines for shaping Christian piety and what it means to be Christian. It creates the framework for how you understand and interpret existence in, with, and before God. But most of the answers in the Church are just plain bad

Enter Tripp’s theology professor, friend, and mentor from the School of Divinity at Wake Forest University, E. Frank Tupper.

Frank wrote one of the most influential books in Tripp’s life, with all the coolest parts of open thesim, process, Moltmann, Pannenberg, all wrapped up with plenty of extra bible bits.

When God is supposed to be at work in the world:

  • how do i understand what is happening to me, my family, or friends?
  • how do I interpret what is happening in the world?

A Scandalous Providence is framed in a type of narrative theology, but not just the narrative of Jesus, or his own personal narrative, but the narratives of other people. It was born out of a desire to develop an understanding of providence on the basis of the key and crucial narratives in the synoptic portrayals of the story of Jesus – not just for seminarians or scholars, but for the problems of providence in the life of everyone in the church.

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