Over the past year I have been testing a bunch of different notebooks, pens, and journals. Since the year is almost over and “new year” thinking will begin soon I thought I would share my finds at years end.

I completely love this journal and the App. Here are five reasons.
1) Superb Quality
2) It has an index and you can keep track of what is in each volume. It makes it much easier to find notes without having to type them.
3) The companion App makes your written notes digital.
4) You can write it on paper AND store it + search it +share it digitally. Everything on the notebook can be scanned in the app on the phone and automatically sent to an email, dropbox, or evernote.
a) I share notes from meetings, lectures, book notes, ideas, check lists, and more right from the App into anyone’s email
b) I store all my notes from books, podcast interviews, sermon prep, and talks I give in evernote. Evernote then reads my handwritten notes and allows me to search them!!! No joke. It’s amazing.
c) I select all the pages of notes on a book I finish and the combine them into a PDF, label, and store. You can print any of them later without having the old notebooks around.
I also like the black and orange combo 😉
#2 My Two Favorite Pens – Pilot MetropolitanParker Jotter
I loose pens and chew on them, which is why I can’t have nice things.  Not to be deterred, I spent some time trying to find some quality metal pens (to deter chewing) that weren’t expensive. These two are the winners. The Pilot Metropolitan is super affordable for a fountain pen. Plus the refill ink comes in a cartridge so you don’t end up with inky fingers. The Parker Jotter is my go to pen. I have a number of them at this point in all the places I could end up looking for a pin.
#3 Planning & Productivity Notebook – The Volt Yearly Planner
The Volt Yearly Planner is the first year long planner I have used for an entire year and I already ordered my 2017 edition. It helps you think through goals, scheduling, time management, and holds up as a notebook. You can test drive the pages you can check out the 2016 version of the planner here. Print it out and see if it will work for you. 
Check out Kate Matsudaira on YouTube for a few videos about the journal.