Tripp & Elizabeth Johnson
Tripp & Elizabeth Johnson

In this single episode you are going to hear from three different feminist theologians, so buckle your theological safety belt and get ready to ferment some serious wisdom bombs!

This theological extravaganza was recorded live at Blue Star Brewing Company in San Antonio during the American Academy of Religion. We had a packed house of eager theology nerds ready to here the one and only Elizabeth Johnson! Scott MacDougall joined me for a powerful interview about Dr. Johnson’s illustrious career. aar

Then we were joined by two distinguished scholars, Monica Coleman and Cindy Rigby, for a discussion about the different trajectories of feminist theology and what it looks like when put in to practice within the church and the classroom.

HERE’s the live LectioCast from the evening.

The entire evening was a complete treat and I am extremely grateful for everyone who came, who participated, and our amazing sponsors – Presence, Theology for the People, and the

Join me this August on the trip!
Join me this August on the trip!

Common Pilgrim.


The Common Pilgrim is partnering with the podcast to facilitate a spiritual pilgrimage this summer to Germany as part of the celebration of the Reformation.

Our friends at Theology for the People are not only the publishers of the Homebrewed Christianity Guide series (which just released its third volume!!), but they also published our guest presence-1Monica Coleman‘s newest book, Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman’s Journey with Depression and Faith.

Lastly, our integrally informed comrades at Presence were in the house and are ready, willing, and able to share with you a video teaching series about spiral dynamics and the bible. Check out the first session here or go ahead and sign up for all 7 videos here.