Setting Up for the Podcast

What a wonderful evening we had at Marshall Brewing Company in

Eric Marschall the Brewmaster
Eric Marshall the Brewmaster


This is the live podcast featuring our friends from Phillips Theological Seminary. It was a podcast full of laughter, nerdiness, and friends.

On the podcast we have two featured guests – Dr. Peter Mena and Dr. Lisa Davison. The good doctor Mena is a church history professor and a pretty awesome person. Dr. Davison is “Johnnie Eargle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible” and a seriously quick witted, insightful, and hilarious thinker. Having them on the podcast was a real treat and I hope you enjoy listening as much I did talking to them.


803031_2b43b6d7eda84cfdbd612caceacf38f6mv2If you are looking for a place to pursue theological education then be wise and check out our friends at Phillips Theological Seminary.