birth-of-a-nation_0The Birth of a Nation is both a powerful movie that tackles the deepest nightmares of America and a cultural event that brings to the surface a number of challenging questions around art, the artist, and our digital histories.

In this podcast Barry Taylor joins the conversation. The first 30 minutes is a discussion of the film as a cultural event. The we get into the film with tons of spoilers. This episode is weighty and just the first of two episodes on the film. The second will appear next week with Adam Clark and Eboni Marshall Turman.beercamp

Check out this episode of Decode DC where historian Dr. Carl Bogus describes the role preservation of slavery and protection from slave revolts played in getting this amendment into the Bill of Rights.

Khalia joined the Hombrewed screening and blogged about it here at Kingdom Crowned.

Nathan discussed birth of a nation, Moltmann, and disability here: Rebirth of a Nation: Baptism and Disability.

Here is Gabrielle Union, who had a phenomenal performance in the movie, discussing her own experience of the controversy around Nate Parker and the film.