20589643999781137542526In this episode we are gonna talk about Mary. I doubt you are prepared for this conversation with Sharon Jacob unless you have read her recent stellar book Reading Mary Alongside Indian Surrogate Mothers: Violent Love, Oppressive Liberation, and Infancy Narratives.

In this book and our conversation looks to read the character of Mary in the infancy narratives of Luke and Matthew alongside the lives of experiences of the Indian surrogate mother living a postcolonial India. Reading Mary through these lenses helps to see this mother and her actions in a more ambivalent light, as a mother whose love is both violent and altruistic.

Dr. Sharon Jacob is a New Testament Professor at our podcast partner – Phillips Theological Seminary. She is also  a native of India, studied at Bangalore University, received a Master of Divinity from Lancaster
Theological Seminary in 2003, and a Master of Sacred Theology from Yale Divinity School in 2005. In 2013, she earned her PhD in New Testament and Early Christianity from Drew University.

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