“Who is God?” or “What is God?”

Living legend Dr. Elizabeth Johnson is on the podcast (for the third elizabeth-johnsontime) to help us understand what we are talking about when we talk about God. This tag team interview with Tripp and Scott MacDougall is a Trinitarian treat of Catholic theological brilliance.

In this episode, Beth talks about:

  • How Pannenberg and Barth have influenced her work
  • Experience as a source of Theology
  • Does the term “prophetic” apply to theologians?
  • The risks of theology
  • Divine action
  • Science and religion
  • And much, much more

elizabeth-johnson-1If you will be in San Antonio for AAR in November 19, make sure to get tickets to the live podcast with Elizabeth Johnson here. And join the panel discussion with Dr. Johnson on science, theology, and the earth on Sunday, November 20th.

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