This episode is like rolling a theological Yahtzee.

8855479Tripp is joined by co-host Trevor Malkinson and two titans of theology – Sallie McFague and John Cobb. What you are about to hear is so zesty, so drenched in wisdom, you might just wreck you car or walk into a pole.

To kick things off, John Cobb gives us some process hot takes on:John_B._Cobb,_Jr

  • retrieving Paul for progressive Christians
  • science doesn’t really hate God
  • the problem of evil
  • God’s power
  • and inter-religious relationality

The superior thing to do is to find out what God wants you to do and do it

Then, Sallie joins the group to share and reflect on a section from her book. To conclude, Trevor asks Sallie, John, and Tripp about where the find hope in a process worldview.

The Centre for (r)Evolutionary Theology was the sponsor for this event (here’s the centre’s twitter) and Canadian Memorial Church and the Centre for Peace was the host for the evening. Here’s Tripp’s sermon from the weekend. 
Books mentioned: Super, Natural Christians and For the Common Good