13669388_1150097101720199_5467278483721954143_oMickey ScottBey Jones and Tripp interview Emilie Townes and Joerg Rieger for the Theology Happy Hour at the Wild Goose Festival.

And just like those who joined live, you can play along at home. Every time they say a word you haven’t heard in the last 60 days, take a drink!

Joerg and Tripp are up first, talking about Joerg’s new book, Unified We Are A Force. Plus, Joerg gives an intro to liberation theology and Gustavo Gutierrez, how Karl Barth was impacted by working class people in Switzerland, and how those with privilege can use it.

Then, Mickey and Emilie talk about Emilie’s journey in womanist theology, if white dudes can do womanist theology and if not, what should they do with it, indigenous woman theology, health, and wellness.

Lastly, the Happy Hour ends with the softball game! Emilie and Joerg are lobbed theological softballs and knock them out of the park. Pitches include: intersectionality, emodiment, theological solidarity, God is black, polydoxy.