21 book giveawayIt’s Christmas in July for theology nerds!

We are giving away 21 books for the 21st century theologian, worth over $400 of theological goodness. What better way to build your library?

Below are the 21 books PLUS links to an interview with each author:

  1. On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity in Process by Catherine Keller [interview] [book]
  2. Did God Kill Jesus?: Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution by Tony Jones [interview] [book]
  3. The Divine Magician: The Disappearance of Religion and the Discovery of Faith by Peter Rollins [interview] [book]
  4. Globalization and Theology by Joerg Rieger [interview] [book]
  5. The Crucified God by Jurgen Moltmann [interview] [book]
  6. Triune Atonement: Christ’s Healing for Sinners, Victims, and the Whole Creation by Andrew Sung Park [interview] [book]
  7. The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: Pentecostalism and the Possibility of Global Theology by Amos Yong [interview] [book]
  8. Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks by Walter Brueggemann [interview] [book]
  9. Christ and the Cosmos: A Reformulation of Trinitarian Doctrine by Keith Ward [interview] [book]
  10. We Have Been Believers: An African American Systematic Theology by James Evans [interview] [book]
  11. Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil by Emilie Townes [interview] [book]
  12. Models of God by Sallie McFague [interview] [book]
  13. The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence by Thomas Jay Oord [interview] [book]
  14. Hoping Against Hope: Confessions of a Postmodern Pilgrim by John Caputo [interview] [book]
  15. Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God by Elizabeth Johnson [interview] [book]
  16. Embracing the Other: The Transformative Spirit of Love by Grace Ji-Sun Kim [interview] [book]
  17. Jesus’ Abba: The God Who Has Not Failed by John Cobb [interview] [book]
  18. God the Revealed: Christology by Michael Welker [interview] [book]
  19. The Predicament of Belief: Science, Philosophy, and Faith by Philip Clayton [interview] [book]
  20. Theology and the End of Doctrine by Christine Helmer [interview] [book]
  21. The Homebrewed Christianity Guide To Jesus: Lord, Liar, Lunatic… or Awesome? by Tripp Fuller [interview] [book]

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