dudeIn this special podcast you will get answers to the questions the audience sent in. Luke joined me for the fun.

Watch the video HERE now!
Watch the video HERE now!

After the #Devilpalooza we asked for questions and oh did we get questions. A bunch of questions. Excellent questions.

It took Luke and I just over 2 hours to answer them all and this episode is just the second half of the questions. To listen to the first half you just need to head over to his newest episode and enjoy the goodness.

You can go watch the LIVE tag-team podcast with Luke and Tony last month. It features NT Wright, Greg Boyd, and Richard Beck, who was celebrating the release of his new book Reviving Old Scratch

If you want to be zesty then head on over and check out Luke’s podcast and his twitter. You can even go to iTunes to subscribe and leave Luke a nice review.