jesusofmontreal-adThis is the second in a trinity of podcasts exploring the intersection of Jesus, faith, and film. Think of these as companion podcasts to help you unpack all of the cinematic and theological nuggets.

Round two: Ryan Parker, Barry Taylor, and Tripp talk about the *best* Jesus movie of all time: Jesus of Montreal

spoiler alert: if you haven’t see seen it, listen to this, watch the movie, and then listen to this again. If you have seen it, listen and enjoy.

In this episode of #JConScreen Ryan, Barry, and Tripp discuss a whole host of topics including:

  • the passion play
  • the church and economy
  • politics of story
  • sex
  • capitalism
  • advertising
  • Apocalypse, and more!

If you use this for discussion after watching the movie with a group, let us know how it works!

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