The questions of Christianity are perennial. Today we are gonna talk about them with church historian Derek Cooper.

How are Judaism and Christianity related? Are 9781451487718Jesus and the Holy Spirit God? Is the end of the world imminent? How should we relate faith and reason? In this episode and the book Derek tells the story of Christian history by presenting the twenty questions (one for each century!) that shaped the Christian church throughout the world.

Each century of world Christian history is explored by means of one question that attempts to encapsulate the central themes and concerns of that century 71Th-+wR0rL._UX250_for Christianity. Coverage of each century is sensitive to world regions and theological and cultural concerns that are often overlooked and neglected in books that are oriented in a more Western way.

Dr. Derek Cooper is associate professor of world Christian history at Biblical Theological Seminary near Philadelphia. He hails from the mighty country of Texas but is a long-term resident of Pennsylvania. 

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