princePrince was shrouded so much in mystery and mystique that it’s hard to know what he was really like. So we sat down with his friend and former employee, Sam Jennings, to find out. In addition to being his graphic artist and webmaster for upwards of a decade, Sam and his family, hung out at the rock god’s expansive estate, sharing holiday meals while his daughter played dress-up with the man himself.

We talked with him about everything from Prince’s inspiration to his religious evolution and largely-unknown drug addiction. Known for being a paradigm-smashing pop culture icon, he also help forge a frontier for artists to connect more directly with the public online. Sam talks about how he came to know, and then work for, one of his long-time idols, along with his tragic and untimely death.

Check out our chat with Sam, then visit his body of work and learn more about him HERE.

And of course we can’t go Trump-less for long; we break down the Trump-vs-Elizabeth Warren Twitter throw-down, along with a look into what happened when George Zimmerman decided it was a good idea to try and auction off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Nothin but class, baby.

If that ain’t enough – and damn, you’re demanding if it ain’t – we serve up a fresh fear of the week and your latest recommendations for what to watch, listen to and read. Oughta keep you busy at least until the next show.

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