13177599_1108324392564137_1742552451571029329_nIt is time for the DEVILPALOOZA!

This is a zesty episode of the podcast. Even the Duke of not-so-intersteing media coverage couldn’t ruin it. Heads up, our intro lasts a full twenty minute introduction. Then at the  21:00 mark the actual Devilapalooza begins with Tripp, Tony Jones and 13177400_1108324449230798_5779917568580107319_nLuke.  At 31:30 Richard Beck comes on the stage talking Reviving Old Scratch , N.T. Wright joins at 55:20,  and at 1:19:12 Greg Boyd gets on the mic.  If you are really desperate for more go the intro, Luke and Tripp finish at 1:46:53,

If you want to get the PROFESSIONAL VIDEOS of the live podcast and some serious DISCOUNTS for the Richard Beack new release, then head over here and get on the list of videological receivers.

For all those who came – thank you.

For Duke and Luke who showed up – thank you.

For Tom, Greg, and Richard – thank you.

For my bestie and podcast guru TJ – thank you.

For Kat and her very zesty space  – thank you.

Now it is time to nerd out!