NGC_TheStoryOfGodOn this special edition of the Story of God-cast you will hear from the one and only Morgan Freeman! It is kind of like talking to the voice of God about God.

He joined fellow producer of The Story of God on the National Geographic Channel, Lori McCreary, for a conversation with Tripp about the series. 

Afterwards Barry and Tripp dig into the sixth and final episode ofstory the series on Miracles. Over the course of the discussion miracles are used to unpack divine action, chance, and the power of the mind. We tackle the rather amazing segment of the show on the passover, the Vatican’s investigation into the miraculous, gambling in Ancient Rome, the early harmony of science and religion in Islam, Barry’s time as a feng shui rider, the connection of prayer to healing, Tripp’s problem with David Hume, and most importantly [hint sarcastically] how “life is like a journey filled with pot holes.”

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