deacon' meeting sign upNerd out with other theology nerds on May 2nd

Grab your favorite brew and join Tripp and Tony the first Monday of the month for the Deacon’s Meeting. Each meeting will feature 3 different theologians getting zesty and answering your questions. Plus, you’ll get to see Tripp and Tony arguing about something. This will be nothing like the church meetings you’re used to…

This is a chance to ask all of the theological questions you’ve wanted to get answers to. Submit any questions you have, topics you want discussed, ideas you want clarified, or thinkers you want to understand via twitter, facebook, smoke signals, telegram, or even during the meeting! Anyone can sign up for free and get access to the webinar. You’ll get a link the day of to join.

You’ll hear from:

  • Helene Russell and Kierkegaard’s 5 coolest ideas, or, 6 steps to being a Christian existentialist.

  • Bill Leonard on 5 lessons from church history for this years election season.

  • Jeff Pugh will lecture Tripp and Tony on why everyone should really be a Hauerwasian.

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May 2nd @5pm pdt // 8pm edt

deacons meeting may 2