storyReligion, science, faith, God, history, anthropology, prayer, and a few other topics all solicit questions. At least a few of them get tentative answers this week.  In this episode we talk about the fourth episode of The Story of God with Morgan FreemanCreation.


In this week’s podcast Barry and Tripp discuss bones, ancestor veneration, SoCal pseudo-religion, Adam’s hidden bone under Golgotha, the Vatican’s poor science PR, Islam’s preservation of the West’s best thought, the sneaky snake in the garden, Mayan beheadings, corn deities, large cosmic rivers of creation and extremely generic ‘come together’ conclusions to religious pluralism.

Plus Barry mentions a bunch of ACDC tunes. Tripp also decides not to stab his face after hearing the question everyone with philosophy graduate degrees student loans hates – “If God made the universe, who made God?”

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