Here it is! The first episode of a brand new podcast.

On the Story of God-cast Tripp Fuller and Barry Taylor will be unpacking, exploring, and expanding the conversation Morgan Free starts. The National Geographic Channel produced a six part series called The Story of God with Morgan Freeman and we plan to dig deep into each one here for your listening pleasure.

The first episode is titled Beyond Death. It tackles near death experiences, technological means to immortality, and the Day of the Dead. Morgan takes a trip to Jerusalem, the Ganges, Mexico City and a science lab. That’s not all, but it gives you a taste of what you get in just one episode.

In this episode Barry and Tripp tackle a number of questions including…

Why would a series on God start with an episode about death?

What is the difference between life and death? Is it a state of existence, a thin veil, a hard transition or a problem to be fixed?

Have human beings evolved to a healthier relationship toward death or have we just rearranged the symbols and upgraded our technology?

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