storyI am very excited to announce the launch of a new podcast – the Story of God-Cast! Friend of the podcast and down right zesty scholar Barry Taylor will be joining me on this companion podcast to the brand new National Geographic Channel show, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman It is a 6 week mini-series in which Morgan exploring the most basic questions human being have been asking.

Each episode is simultaneously a travel documentary to sacred spaces, an investigation into the history of each topic and a rich comparative examination of the world’s historic wisdom traditions. You will see a diversity of answers and expressions from all sorts of cultures and texts, from the Mayan Temple to Joel Osteen in Houston to Jerusalem.

Sunday Nights on the National Geographic Channel starting April 3rd you can join the fun (or set your DVR if Zombies and Dragons are on). Then make sure to check out the new podcast episode here.

Here is a teaser podcast episode.
The show will answer all sorts of questions but here are twenty you won’t find during it.