-What makes you a Christian is that you did something that makes no sense-Get ready to travel deep with Kirk and Tripp.

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This non-violent improvisational encounter between the LectioCast’s Daniel Kirk and Tripp was recorded at First Baptist Church in Palo Alto before the ClobberCast. They keep Christology crazy as they talk about awkward metaphysics, heretical Sunday School lessons, and some questions Daniel has about Tripp’s book:

  • 12711070_10153325414045671_8091929812794054944_oCan you confess “Jesus is Lord” without becoming hierarchical?
  • How do you understand who Jesus was? Wandering cynic sage? or Apocalyptic prophet?
  • If God has to be at least as nice as Jesus, where does this nice Jesus come from?

Start getting disturbed again by a homeless dead Jew. Keep the voices in the canon diverse and you are allowed to know them, wrestle with them, and sometimes tell Matthew that he is wrong – but only after you’ve sat long enough with what Matthew says to be disturbed by it. Remember, “you settle to never settle it, because to settle it would be to be Tatian, and he was condemned a heretic.”

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