applefbi It’s the age-old “security-versus-freedom” debate that we’ve had i the U.S. since Jefferson, but everything changes when we introduce technology. Is it fair for the government to apply a 225-plus-year-old law to information on an iPhone? Do search warrants apply not only to getting access to the phone, but requiring the manufacturer break into it? Is Apple making a big deal out of one stinking’ phone, or is there precedent in the making that will reverberate for decades to come?

That’s what professional hacker and our tech expert-in-residence is for. He helps us break it all down so we know more about what the big deal is, from both sides since he’s worked for the tech companies and government. Always good to keep a nerd on the shelf in case of emergencies.

Sound too mundane for you? How about two siblings, born brothers, both of whom have come forward as trans women? What if you’ve seen their movies an TV shows. How about uterus transplants and the prospect of trans women actually giving birth?

Yeah I thought that might do it. You’re welcome. We talk through the implications of some breaking news stories on sex and gender and look forward to whet they might lead to in years ahead.

Finally, I talk with Adam Phillips, blogger and pastor of Christ Church, Portland, about a recent post of his in which he predicts not only that Mitt Romney that will be our next President but that House Speaker Paul Ryan – his former running mate, incidentally – will be the one in charge of putting him in office?

How, you ask? Listen in and soak up the goodness, friends. This is the Homebrewed CultureCast, Deep Think edition…