LectioCastThe holiness of God comes down to be in, with, and among the people. And Jesus subverts our understanding of the power of the profane. These are a series of stories about what happens when God shows that the place for glowy glory is not just up in heaven, but down here among us as well.

Exodus 34:29-35 Moses plays the part of an angel of God as he comes down the mountain wearing God’s glory. Aric helps us deconstruct the idea that holiness is completely intolerant of the profane.

Psalm 99 A song of holiness, mountains, separation, and kingship. We reflect on how to read the psalms without just reiterating masculine images of power. And the psalm challenges us to define justice as nothing less than equity.

2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2 Paul’s passage about the veiled Moses leaves us all trying to unveil what on earth Paul is up to. The whole community can take away the veil to get the glowy face!

Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a) Along with 2 Cor 3, this passage warns us that the revelation we’re looking for is nothing compared to the revelation that takes place on the cross. The context of glorification is Jesus’ looming self-sacrifice on behalf of the people. And we talk about how to interpret (or not) passages depicting demon possession.

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aric 2 color Aric Clark is a writer, a speaker, and Presbyterian minister who lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two gremlins pretending to be his sons. He is the co-author of Never Pray Again: Lift Your Head, Unfold Your Hands, and Get To Work, a book which challenges readers to embrace a concrete other-centered spirituality. He is also the creator of LectionARIC a youtube channel for hermeneutical vlogs. His most recent project is a video curriculum for small groups introducing critical tools for studying scripture called Strange Book of Books. When he is not writing, preaching, or parenting, Aric can be found engaging his tabletop gaming hobby, or cooking for a crowd of random strangers he invited home without his wife’s permission. He is a pacifist and he still can’t grow a beard.

Daniel Kirk is a writer, speaker, blogger, and New Testament professor who lives in San Francisco, CA. Daniel Kirk-202He holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Duke University and is the author of a pair of books, Unlocking Romans: Resurrection and the Justification of God and Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? His third book A Man Attested by God: the Human Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels, is off to the printers. He blogs regularly at StoriedTheology.com  (http://patheos.com/blogs/storiedtheology). You can follow him on Twitter @jrdkirk and on Facebook at Facebook.com/jrdkirk.