Amos Yong is on the podcast talking about the spirit-filled God. His initial mini-lecture and the ensuing conversation were straight up energizing and sent me a thinking since we ended. I ao confident that no matter what part of the theological spectrum you come from, this renewalist perspective on God will get Amos Yong -- Director of Fuller Seminary’s Center for Missiological Research -- 300x300the imagination a pumping!

The larger trajectory of this podcast is connected to his one volume systematic theology, Renewing Christian Theology: Systematics for a Global Christianity. We are reading this semester at the Hatchery and it is definitely worth it. Even more exciting is Dr. Amos’ presence at the upcoming Enfolding Theology event! You can sign up now to join us in person or LIVE STREAM it online.

Amos Yong is the director of the Center for Missiological Research at Fuller Theological Seminary. Previously, he served as the dean of the School of Divinity at Regent University.

For more on Dr. Yong check out Tom Oord’s excellent post on his legendary status.