It’s a new year and you better get your geek out for this one!

This is the second half of the live HBC podcast from the American Academy of Religion. After Tony Jones and I interviewed the zesty German one – Moltmann – we hosted an impromptu all-star panel of HBC regulars discussing the work and influence of Moltmann’s ground-breaking text The Crucified God.

First our friends Philip Clayton and Scot Paeth kicked things off with us discussing the pathos of God, the Trinity, liberation theology and a number of other topics.

12295328_1000690146660896_2083998906733385984_nThen Tony and I were joined by a number of the authors in the Homebrewed Christianity Guide series with our friends at Fortress Press.

<- See that’s Tony, Jeff, Adam, Grace & Tripp.

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Heads up Bay Area. Dallas, and NC peeps.
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