As 2015 comes to a close I thought I would share the top ten most downloaded podcast episodes of 2015. If you haven’t heard them all or are new to the podcast there are some great places to begin.

0d567f2be1f9961cea490dbaaf955a1710. The Freaking Awesome JC visits OKC with Tripp & Greg Horton

9. Evil, Providence and the Love of God with Tom Oord

8. Practical Theology with Mindy McGarrah Sharp

7. When a Radical Theologian gets in the Pulpit with Christopher Rodkey

6. The Politics of Jesús with Miguel A. De La Torre

5. Philosophers on Paul with Tripp & Pete

4. Catherine Keller on Cloud of the Impossible

3. More Than Communion with Scott MacDougall

2. Meet Dietrich Bonhoeffer w/ Charles Marsh

1. The Great Debacle with Tony Jones & Peter Rollins

The Single Most Epic Moment of the Year… the 40th Anniversary celebration of The Crucified God with Jurgen Moltmann!