Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.50.40 AMGod. God! God? God:)

God is the topic of this debacle. It is not a great debacle nor a tremendous debacle, but the Almighty Debacle. Is there an Ultimate Reality behind the ideas, images, myths and passion of religion? Can a plausible understanding of God be articulated in light of science? Is the world better off if humanity got over God or got right with God? These questions and more will be explored during the God Debacle!

GodDebacle_Graphic_rev1The God Debacle features two friends of the Homebrewed Podcast, LeRon Shults and Philip Clayton. There was a time when these two philosophers of science would have been allies in the academic pursuit of the divine. Today LeRon is no longer a Christian or even a theist and recently published a book exploring how God is both born and borne by humanity, Theology After the Birth of God. Philip recently published his book The Predicament of Belief and Confronting the Predicament of Belief in which he argues for the reality of God in light of contemporary science. 

If you don’t believe me about the combustible nature of this conversation, just check out their interactions at Syndicate. Here’s LeRon and Phil’s exchange and Phil’s rejoinder.

For those who would like to use the videos in a teaching situation you can access them here.

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