I am super-duper pumped about the first big theology event we are putting on at the Hatchery here in Redondo Beach this coming March. The main event itself will run from March 3-5 and JUST FOR caputob0928a1a306d11e28a5622000a1fbe35_7HOMEBREWED LISTENERS there is an extra two days March 1-2 with Jack Caputo!!

Here’s the deal. The first 30 people to sign up using the code: homebrewed will not only get the three day event of theological nerdiness, but you will be able to join Jack Caputo & the Radical Theology friends for two days radical pre-gaming fun. It will include being present for the filming of a series of Radical Theology lectures, a super zesty live HBC podcast and a private South Bay Craft Brewery tour with your fellow HBC Deacons, Pete & the master Deacon-structor himself – JC.

So go HERE and sign up to join the most EPIC theology conference of 2016.

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ENFOLDING THEOLOGY is a one-of-a-kind interactive, constructive theology event featuring three photo.jpg-800x500schools of theology as each tackles a major challenge in developing a constructive doctrine of God – evil, science, religious pluralism, and revelation.

Over the course of the conference we will address five different and difficult God questions. Each time the question will be examined from multiple perspectives and then unpacked and put into real life situations in your theo-cohort. Our goal is to put together some amazing keynote presentations and provide and train some high quality cohort facilitators so each person has the chance to talk, question, doubt and construct their way through the topics.

We know there will be differences — in fact, we insist there will be! Luckily, we have received a divine permit allowing for a high concentration of heretical questions and imaginative proposals for the conference. Each and every participant will be empowered to be the theologian they already are. Plus, if you have a coloring book, an interactive chronology of church history, and go on an evening of theological speed dating, it’s hard to not have fun.

So go HERE and sign up to join the most EPIC theology conference of 2016.

PS. If you have questions about the event let me know. It is built to include interaction throughout in conversational cohorts. That means if you want to bring a group of friends, church members, fellow minister or students let me know and you can be in the same cohort and get a discount.