photo.jpg-800x500This coming semester I get to teach a class called Schools of Thought with one of most intelligent and compassionate people I know, Paul Capetz. As the Director of Theology and the Humanities at the Hatchery I will be reading these texts with some really inspirational theological entrepreneurs who are in the midst of launching new non-profits, communities, and businesses with a mission on the beach in LA. This means the students are diverse, their drive is inspiring, and I expect to be impressed by the questions and insights they bring to the texts.

As part of the class we will also be hosting one of the coolest theology events of all time. Not that it is hard to out do most theology events, but this March at Enfolding Theology we will have a solid mix of top-notch voices in the house… and a theological coloring book, an interactive timeline of Christian thinkers, and the first (school of theology) speed dating evening. You should think about coming. [If you do and use the code ‘homebrewed’ you will get TWO EXTRA DAYS of fun with Jack Caputo and an LA beer tour. Just saying]

Below are the books we will be working through this semester. I am sure they will come up on the podcast so if you are inspired and want to read along do so.