Give the Gift of (the Homebrewed Christianity Guide to) Jesus this Christmas!

Jesus’ birthday is on the horizon and many of you will be deciding just what sweet book to give your friends and family for Christmas. I am sure you aren’t surprised that I hope my new HBC Guide to Jesus is among them. Not only will it actually fit in a stocking, but it is about Jesus being freaking awesome. So here’s my attempt to get under as many Christmas trees as possible.

  • For every person you give a copy of my book to for Christmas you will be entered in a drawing for over $500 of theology books eager to fill up your book shelf.
  • Both you and all the people you give my book to will be invited to an interactive online book club Jan/Feb. This means you and your friends can ask me questions and hear me explain the parts of the book you didn’t actually read.
  • Baby Jesus will be proud that you put the (freaking awesome) Christ back in Christmas.
  • All those people in your life wondering if you have ‘backslidden’ into some treacherous theological waters will be relieved you got them a book about Jesus & want them to join a book group about Jesus.

HBC_Covers_Jesus.jpgFor your fellow nerdy friends this is a sweet way to read a book, chat it up, and have some fun online. If you have a church discussion/book group it’s the perfect way to have me do some of the work for you on the cheap. Plus putting more Jesus in your life can’t be the worst thing you can do.

To enter the drawing send your receipt to bonus[AT]trippfuller[DOT]com and I will put you in the drawing for each copy you purchase.

You can get it through all these wonderful distributors:

Amazon | B&N | BAM | IndieBound | Powells CBD Us

Here’s some of the book endorsements. You can just pick the one your friend might like most and use it!

Tripp Fuller’s “Guide to Jesus” is intelligent, insightful, reverent, raucous, and hilarious. If you don’t understand how those adjectives can go together – all the more reason to read the book. An even better reason – the freakin’ awesomeness of the subject!Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist (

The biggest problem with this book is how entertaining, witty and intelligent confessional Christ talk comes across. I’m almost tempted to lapse back into belief. –  Peter Rollins

As a pastor, I am always looking for books that I can recommend to people in my congregations – books that can expand on this radically inclusive Jesus we talk about each and every Sunday. This is a book that speaks the language of theology in a way that is accessible to people looking for a Jesus they can understand in our post-modern context. And in addition, it looks like a new sermon series to me!                                                                                                                                                                                                            –Rev. Laura Vail Fregin, Associate Minister, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

This book is everything it claims to be — and given all that Tripp Fuller claims for it, that’s saying a lot! Scholars will find their work accurately represented, but somehow all boiled down to what really matters (in ways that they rarely achieve). Ordinary people, believers or not, will find a clear and compelling account of who Jesus was and why he matters — a beautiful fusion of the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith. If the publisher would allow it printed I’d say that, in a word, the book is freaking awesome.Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology 

This book is awesome…  although less awesome than Jesus! I know of no other book that combines pop culture, personal anecdotes, and serious Christological scholarship in such awesome ways! I hope this marks the beginning of a whole new genre in theological writing! – Thomas Jay Oord, Author of The Uncontrolling Love of God