leroy barberMost cities in the U.S. are experiencing a wave of re-urbanization. From high-rise condos to boutique groceries, it’s everywhere. What was old is becoming new. So why is that a bad thing? It ain’t necessarily, author, pastor and activist Leroy Barber explains this week. But the way we do it, he says, needs a major overhaul. We also dive into immigration and how the two actually are related.

We also figured we could be a culture and current events show without addressing the recent events in Paris. Promise we won’t send you to the depressive brink, but it’s a thing and we gotta figure this out if we claim to care about the world we’re leaving our kids.

Oh, and we still open the show with a peppering of “dick” jokes to balance it all out. Whew.

Amy goes Obi-Wan Kenobi on s, breaking down how we become what we hate, and how Fred Phelps (founder of hate church Westboro Baptist) was moved to compassion by (surprise!) a group of gay neighbors.

Oh, and does this woman who fought for the right to wear a pasta strainer on her head in her driver’s license picture have a case? You be the judge. Personally, every time I look at her hair I get the munchies.

And yes, of course we have some fresh, steaming hot recommendations and a newfangled fear of the week. Basically the show is a heaping bucketful of awesome. Grab a knife and fork, cause it’s feedin’ time…

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