7Tom Oord is on the podcast to discuss his excellent new book The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of ProvidenceProvidence is one of those topics that bring up all sorts of topics like divine action, the problem of evil, the goodness of God, miracles, prayer and essential kenosis. I have to admit that we not only chat up his book, but we start nerding out with our geeks out at a high volume.

Prepare to have too much fun.

Check out Austin’s review of the book for more details.

In the conversation we also discuss John Sanders’ The God Who Risks, Philip Clayton and Stephen Knapp’s The Predicament of Beliefand my new book on Jesus.

  1. Give the Gift of (the Homebrewed Christianity Guide to) Jesus this Christmas [details posted soon]
  2. Moltmann LIVE from the ATL is coming up on the podcast next week.
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