KRSChristian sat down with Portia Sabin, head of Kill Rock Stars’ Records in their main office to hear her pretty amazing personal story. From growing up in Hell’s Kitchen to touring in her own band, doing post-doc work at Columbia and finally running a label, she has a life as exotic as her name. Plus she’s just a plain ol’ badass, and we like us some badasses on the CultureCast.

This is part one of a two-part talk with Portia, mainly because her personal story was too amazing. Next week we’ll talk more specifics about her radio show called “The Future of What,” a nonprofit she works with called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls,” the future of music and the inside scoop on some of their bands. But this time, learn what happens when you grow up in Manhattan as the daughter of an actor and a casting director. Two words: awesome sauce.

In News of the World, we break down the election day haps, including likely healthcare rollbacks in Kentucky and an equal rights smackdown in Houston. In a word, it wasn’t the best day for us tree-huggin hippies. Then we talk about corporate social capital and how companies build it, spend it and even lose it. From Chipotle’s e coli scare to Amazon’s first-ever physical bookstore, there’s a lot more to badness than dollars and cents, especially in today’s economy of critical thinking consumers.

And if nothing else, you should listen to the intro if you’ve ever wondered what Slim Moon would sound like if he channeled Gollum. Come to think of it, that explains why he’s always trying to steal my rings…