Grace-in-the-Face-of-HateIt took a few weeks for her to feel ready, but Amy finally opened up about the group of protesters that showed up outside our church a while back. They brought all the requisite “burn in hell” signs, disrupted worship, and even prayed for God to kill her and to send our kids to hell. And I gotta tell you, Amy’s a better Christian than I by a long shot; you’ve got to hear how she responded and what happened after that. Pretty amazing.

Probably just as well that I was down the street, because once they dragged my family into it, someone would have gone to the hospital and someone else would’ve ended up in jail, I’m afraid. And THAT, friends, is why Amy’s the pastor and I’m a jerk-off podcast host.

In the Echo Chamber, we break down why the Boehner departure as House Speaker and the Tea Party’s subsequent stonewall of every other viable candidate so far may cause the GOP mainline to lean further left. You heard me. Actually you didn’t yet, unless you already listened to the show. Then you definitely heard me.

We analyze why the War on Drugs failed, and how it actually became both a horrendous war on the poor, and gave birth to the good ol’ American prison-industrial complex. Yay, capitalism!

Each of the hosts has some red-hot recommendations this week that span from music to screens, both big and small. And true to her fearful word, Amy drops her latest trepidation on your booty. How is it that I’ve been married to her for more than fifteen years and so many of these still surprise me? Maybe it has to do with me not paying attention…

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