ElnesWe welcomed a good friend and colleague to Portland for a recent live CultureCast. Eric Elnes came to the Lucky Lab for a pint and to talk with us about his new book, “Gifts of the Dark Wood.” It’s a spiritual guidebook for what he calls “Soulful Skeptics.” I’m not sure, but I think it’s named after that little known son of Christopher Hitchens who used to be a dancer on Solid Gold. No? Well, anyhoo…

One of the best things about live shows is that we usually get to have more than converyone guest. This time, we also had some most excellent music by Katelyn Convery who, if you don’t know her already, you will soon enough. Yes, her voice is amazing, but what I like most is her songwriting. The more you listen, the more layers you discover. It’s kinda like that time I shoved an onion in my ear, except that listening to Katelyn didn’t end with an embarrassing visit to the E.R., trying to explain how I got a vegetable lodged in my brain (explains a lot though, don’t it?).

DuriasFinally, comedian Ian Durias explained to us why he’s “not that kind of Asian,” and why we need to start introducing all work emails with “BEHOLD” instead of “FYI.” Seems a little dramatic to me, but if it’s good enough for Jesus, I guess I’ll let it slide.

You’ll also want to listen in to find out what toilet-lurking creatures made Amy’s Fear of the Week segment. Trust me, it ain’t one you’re probably thinkin’ of right now. But just in case you are, what the hell is wrong with you??

And of course, we break down what John Boehner should do in his newly embraced retirement, including cashing in some frequent tanning miles and crying actual rivers. Then there’s some serious, thinky-talky stuff that blah-blah-blah…know what? Just check it out because I think I see something shiny I need to go chase…Connect with Eric Elnes, see some videos and  sample content from “Gifts of the Dark Wood” HERE.

We’re adding a new segment to the CultureCast: questions and comments from our listeners! Send us yours through the Homebrewed SpeakPipe. It’s the little tab on the far right of the screen that says “Send Voicemail.” If we use yours on the show, we’ll send you a copy of Eric Elnes’ new book!

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Oh, and do you know how stinkin’ hard it is to rhyme with “Elnes?” My brain…it hurts!!!