10273839_705860792810501_1787210959799451956_nIt is International Podcast Day!

Ok I am sure that won’t change your world today but it was a good reason to talk to Peter Rollins. We got to catch up with each other since he got back from a trip to Ireland. We discuss a bunch of things…

  •  a bunch of upcoming events
  • Pete’s beef over total depravity with Jack Caputo
  • bowel movements
  • we review a Sartre book without reading it
  • Pete tells me how awesome my Jesus book is. So go buy it here or on amazon.
  • how awesome podcasting is
  • Demons and exorcisms
  • undercover atheist ministers & how to (not) to get rid of them
  • Pete’s christian rap band10344792_705860602810520_5019976818676265111_n
  • and other things. explosive things.

Do not for the peterrollins.com. Pete will not be found there. Go to .net. If you go here you can find out about Pete’s upcoming speaking gigs and online class. Be sure to at least join the last week of his class where I get to tell him how wrong he is.

Come hang out with Pete and I at Subverting the Norm III. Use the code: HBCSTN for a discount. You should also come a day early for a seriously wonderful time with Jack Caputo.