Click to check out Christian Piatt's new book, "Not THAT Kind of Christian"
Click to check out Christian Piatt’s new book, “Not THAT Kind of Christian”

The CultureCast crew took a few minutes away from enjoying their waning days of Portland sunlight to drop some tracks this week, straight from their mouth-parts to your ear-pieces.

Why did that sound gross?

As if Christian doesn’t get enough time on the show, this week he took over the interview slot as well. Actually, Slim Moon has said for a long time that people don’t really know as much about Amy and Christian as they learn about the people Christian interviews, so he turned the mic around. They talk about how Christian grew up in a conservative Texas baptist culture, got thrown out as a teenager (actually had a Bible thrown at him), and eventually came back not just to attend church, but to help found one, lead worship and spend much of his career writing about faith, religion and theology.

He did mess it all up when Slim asked him about his new book project, “Not THAT Kind of Christian,” since when the interview was recorded, the book was actually called “A**hole Christian Survival Guide.” (Hmmm, wonder why they changed it??). But they left the talk in anyway since the substance is still the same. That, and the casting crew is notoriously lazy and sloppy, so why re-do work you can do almost right the first time?

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For news topics, we break down why a faculty member at Liberty University wrote an open letter of support for Bernie Sanders (wha?!?), why grade school students get arrested for bringing science projects to school (it’s a clock, folks, not a bomb), and our Top Three lists are “things Donald Trump wishes were in the Bible, but aren’t.” If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, go watch the THREE HOUR GOP debate and you’ll know. That, or just listen to this episode.

And of course, we serve up our regular portions of recommendations and Amy’s fear of the week, so you can sit and worry about unlikely things happening while you check out a new TV show. Lucky you!

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Read about, and support, Christian’s book campaign for “Not THAT Kind of Christian,” HERE

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