funny-fearIn this second half of our live Homebrewed CultureCast from Marmoset Music in Portland, Oregon, we go from fears to laughs to group karaoke so fast it’ll make your ears spin. I mean, usually we’d say it makes your head spin, but you’re not watching it, just listening. So yaknow, it’s just the ears…

What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, Amy drops a triple crown of weekly fears on us and we force her to rank them so we know what to fear most. Then we bring on Nathan Brannon, our first (and funniest!) stand-up comedian on the CultureCast. He covers everything from dropping his newborn son in a backwoods outhouse (hypothetically) to being dressed up as his mother for Halloween. Talk about scarred for life!

We also delve into Random Answers to Big Questions, in which we ask folks to ask us their deepest longings and curiosities, and we respond with thoughtlessly and randomly assembled responses written down before we even went on air. Because we’re sensitive like that.

And we wrap up this little bundle of auditory joy with a group singalong of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer,” led by our very own Del Phoena. And believe it or not, she even works in a baby-outhouse reference! You have to listen all the way to the end to catch it (the reference, not the baby) but it’s there.

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Show CTS some love, and please tell them we sent you their way!

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