eveWith live shows all along the east coast this summer, it was nice to head back to the left coast to wrap up our live summer series. And hey, while we’re at it, why not have on one of the bestselling authors of all time, Wm. Paul Young (THE SHACK) as our featured guest?

Paul came to town for this live buffet of Culture-Castiness just weeks before his new novel, EVE, drops everywhere and he hits the road for a global tour. He talks about the new book, which dives into a feminist perspective on Genesis in novel form, along with the scoop on the forthcoming movie version of THE SHACK that has been rumored for years, but is finally happening.

In our News of the World opener, we break down the GOP horserace and tell you what’s REALLY going to happen, down to our projections for what percentage of the republican electorate Trump will still have when he finally flames out. As for what he actually has to say or do to lose said electorate is still a mystery that we on the sidelines are both mystified and slightly horrified to find out.

We also unveil a new game called crowdsourced mad libs, which may or may not be a train wreck; you be the judge. But that’s ok, because one of my favorite local bands, DEL PHOENA, wraps up the first half of this live show with a killer original tune that makes everything better.

Hell, you might even forget that Donald Trump could be the ruler of the free world, given a collective national lobotomy or two.

Stay tuned for the second half of this show, which will come straight to your face and do a little jig all too soon. In it we’ll have more DEL PHOENA deliciosity, along with random answers to big questions and NATHAN BRANNON, our first-ever (but definitely not our last) standup comedian on the CultureCast. This dude is six kinds of funny, so make sure to check him out.

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Show CTS some love, and please tell them we sent you their way!
Show CTS some love, and please tell them we sent you their way!

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